Burglaries are committed every 2 minutes in Germany

The burglary rate is increasing all the time.
Do you feel safe in your own 4 walls?
Most burglars break in through the window.

Protect your family and your property with the ECOALERT window handle

  • No conversion work
  • No cables
  • Simple to operate


For more information about the alarm window handle with climate function, please watch our video. (Available in German)

Video function test

Pre-operational test in the non-assembled state.
Available in German)

Fair TV - BAU 2017

Sylvia Bommes is testing new security products.
(Available in German)

"Abenteuer Leben täglich - Kabel eins"

Watch the video at Kabel eins (external link).
(Available in German)


Alarm window handle with climate function

FO-310 AK

The innovative and high-quality ECO ALERT window handle combines the standard turn-and-tilt function with an independent alarm and climate function. Simple to use with 90° ball bearing detent suitable for properties..

  • Ideal for retrofitting to windows and patio doors
  • Battery-operated - no mains connection necessary
  • Alarm function with 115 dB(A)
  • Tested by VdS
  • Incl. attachment screws and battery
  • Climate function 50, 55 and 60% relative air humidity


A safe window in just three steps

The new window handle is revolutionising technology by integrating alarm and climate functions. Simple insert the battery provided and fit the window handle to the window profile. Then the window handle calibrates itself almost instantly and is ready for use.

No further complicated settings are necessary to enable the alarm function. Close the window by the handle as usual and the alarm function is enabled automatically. No locking of the handle, no unnecessary entering of codes, no synchronisation with a control unit.

The climate function warns you by means of a discreet red lamp flashing on the side of the handle if the indoor climate is in a critical range. Excessively high air humidity could cause damage to your rooms. Simply open the window and the flashing will stop.

Safe home in a relaxed atmosphere

  • Your home made safer
    Broken glass and windows levered open are the most frequent cases of burglary attempts through windows. This is where the alarm handle proves its strengths. Thanks to the integrated 3D sensor it detects every movement of the window. Feel safer!

  • Alarm function
    The 3D sensor integrated in the window handle detects movement and vibration patterns typical of break-in attempts, and responds by sounding a 115 dB(A) loud alarm signal for three minutes (similar to a smoke detector).

  • Prevent mould
    Mould is a nightmare in any home. To prevent it forming in the first place, the alarm handle indicates if the indoor climate is in a critical range – before anyone notices. Air your rooms properly!

Simply genius!

  • No mains connection necessary
    The alarm handle is quickly fitted, easy to set and can be operated independently of the mains using a standard battery (1/2AA 3.6V) which lasts for approx. 2 years. Acoustic signal warns of low battery charge.
  • Simple retrofitting for both existing and new buildings
    The alarm handle is available in three different pin lengths and is thus ideal for existing buildings, new buildings and as a replacement for your current window handles. All you need is a screwdriver.
  • Elegant design
    Timeless and classy, meets innovative technology. The stainless steel window handle is completely independent of the mains supply. Each and every window handle is a standalone system without any complex control units.


Air humidity


Assembly instructions and data sheet

If you would like to learn more about the alarm window handle with climate function, download the assembly instructions and the data sheet.

Download Assembly instructions (DE) (PDF)

Download datasheet (DE) (PDF)

Download Teaser (EN) (PDF)


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