„Security cannot be achieved by erecting fences, security is achieved by opening doors.“

(Urho Kekkonen)

Purpose of European standards

Security is a topic that is becoming increasingly important in all areas of life and the general need for security is constantly growing. Protection of human life in public buildings has become the top priority.

All-round security concepts replace selective security measures. European standards smooth the way for progressive security-consciousness.

ECO Schulte – Expert for security and fire protection

Development and production according to the latest European standards. Advice for architects and planners in the realization of standards. ECO Schulte as competent partner for security solutions on the highest level.

EN 1125 for panic locks with horizontal operating rods

Panic locks are the right product choice for objects, where people are not familiar with the places and panic situations may arise like in public buildings. Undoubtedly, EN 1125 contributes most effectively to the protection of human life in emergency and panic situations.

EN 179 for emergency exit locks with latches and push plates

Emergency exit locks are used where people are familiar with their surroundings and panic situations are not expected, e.g. in residential, office and commercial buildings. However, the standard assumes that the persons in these buildings are familiar with escape routes and operation of the emergency exits.

EN 1906 for door latches and door knobs

This standard distinguishes door fittings subject to severe wear and tear. High resistance and extreme stress-bearing properties ensure more safety in public buildings.

EN 1154 for door locking devices with controllable locking procedures

This standard applies where it needs to be ensured that a manually opened door closes automatically. Door closers according to EN 1154 ensure reliable and controlled closing of movable leaf doors.

EN 1155 for electrically operated fixing devices of movable leaf doors

This standard defines the requirements for door closers that are used on fire and smoke protection doors. To minimize the spreading of fire and smoke, door closers according to EN 1155 automatically trigger the closing mechanism in case of fire.

EN 1158 for closing sequence regulators

The use of closing sequence regulators according to EN 1158 is recommended when a two-wing fire / smoke protection movable leaf door needs to close reliably and in the correct order.

EN 1935 for single axle door and window rebound straps

This standard classifies hinges according to their wear type and other important criteria, such as permissible torque, fire resistance and the weight of the door or window wing.

EN 12209 for mechanically operated locks and closing plates

Due to the increasing product variety in the area of locks and closing plates, this standard provides a uniform regulation on a European level.

EN Standards Guide

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