The door handle is the handshake of the building.

The first contact with a building takes place at the door. This first impression shapes and remains.

Simplicity and flexibility.

The door handle is a very special furnishing element, and not just for architects - perhaps because behind it opens up not just a door, but a world.

The handle is in constant visual and haptic dialogue with people. Is it beautiful to look at, beautiful to grasp, does its form visualise a concept or even a world view?

Architects for architects.

Creating the best possible function with the most suitable material and the simplest expression - this is what the products of our manufacture Randi A/S stand for.

Scandinavian design by leading architectural offices that fit perfectly into the ECO system technology for the door in terms of design and technology.

The ECO Schulte system fits your building. Not the other way round.

Phoenixwerk Dortmund

In the midst of the historic Phoenix West site, where steel was produced just a few years ago, a pioneering office ensemble has been built directly between the Phoenixhalle and the blast furnace.

Komé door handle

ECO was involved in the planning at a very early stage and was able to provide successful support in the execution of the windows and doors. The Komé design handles in stainless steel and partly in matt black set visual accents.


How can individual door and window fittings meet the requirements of sophisticated building architecture?


A dialogue with Christoph Helbich, SHA Scheffler Helbich Architekten GmbH about the collaboration at PhoenixWERK, Dortmund. (German video)

In use worldwide

All around the globe, builders and investers are working with architects and planners to bring sophisticated projects to fruition. One thing they all have in common is the need for clever door solutions. Our philosophy of system security on the door is present in contemporary architecture as well as in striking hotels, public buildings, private residences, royal palaces, private homes and stadiums.

Wherever there‘s a door, ECO Schulte won‘t be far away.

Whether they are sold under our own brand name or by well known door manufacturers as OEM products, the solutions from ECO Schulte make doors function better all over the world.

Puma Headquarters
SWS Infinity Office
Motel One

Award-winning: Function and design - our door system has been offering this combination for almost 100 years.

ECO Newton
ECO Magis Wing
ECO Schulte hold open systems
OBX 20
Randi Wing
ECO Magis Wing
Randi Nordic Straight

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

This is the standard by which we have been researching, developing and producing for decades.

The world of ECO Schulte is the technology at the door. As one of very few system suppliers worldwide, the company pursues a holistic approach. ECO Schulte develops new technologies, always with an eye on the interaction of all components in the door system.

The door is a complex entity of safety: Body, life and values are protected. All of these are high goods, which deserve the best quality and maximum functional assurance.

Only the best is good enough for the door - ECO Schulte.

Strong within buildings. Secure planning with ECO Schulte

Whether you are dealing with a steel, wood or profile door, we understand the particular demands of each door and can supply the right hardware for any application.

As a system provider for all work phases we create comprehensive solutions - continuity within the building. Our network with the door industry supports us. Always with full compliance with all standards – and always with a view to functionality, design and security.

We support you and your building from the initial planning stage through to the final certification on site.

Our range of services includes:

  • Technical advice
  • Unterstützung bei der Erstellung von Leistungsverzeichnissen
  • Unterstützung bei der Erstellung von Türenlisten und technischen Zeichnungen
  • Ausarbeitung von Produkt- oder individuellen Sonderlösungen
  • Bemusterung vor Ort
  • Vermittlung von qualifizierten Montagepartnern
  • Überwachung der Montage / Abnahme unserer Produkte
ECO Schulte – Your partner for secure buildings – worldwide.

Your direct contact

We are also happy to assist you with building-specific solutions and support you in the tendering process, with drawings and also cable diagrams. Do you have a specific enquiry? Or are you interested in more information? Then contact our ECO sales team. Use the contact form, get in touch by phone or e-mail.

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