The Scandinavian Hand

Door handles and accessories designed and manufactured in Randers, Denmark

Door handles are considered a very special element of the interior fixtures and fittings, and not just by architects – maybe because they do not only open a door but also make the entire world hidden behind this door accessible. People constantly see and touch door handles. Does it look nice, is it pleasant to touch, does its shape represent the visualisation of a concept or even a world view?

We think so, yes.

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Handles for good architecture - and all the trimmings:

Dennis Hogrebe on lever handles in a matching system environment

  • Combining perfect system technology with Scandinavian design on the door
  • The slender one – SPIRA
  • With natural birch bark – NORDIC
  • Modern classic – Komé 
  • Bespoke Design – Individual designs for architecture
  • Over 100 years of Scandinavian design

Possibly the most beautiful door handles in the world

Possibly the most beautiful door handles in the world are made in Randers in Denmark. The old Viking town on the shores of the Kattegat is home to a hightech forge where high quality door handles are manufactured using traditional metalworking techniques. This ordinary door furniture was designed by Scandinavian industrial designers whose self-image is based on the examples set by the great designers. Because Denmark is a small country – but a big player in terms of design.

We call this phenomenon “the Scandinavian hand” – which stands for the dialogue entered into with hands all over the world by the shape, the material and the function. And it stands for the diligent and quality-conscious hands that are busy here, crafting sophisticated door handles that are far more than just a product from a wide range of different materials.

Quality since 1878

The company in Randers was founded in 1878 as the „Randi door handle manufactory“ – it was named after the town. After the war, modernism took over: architecture firms asked whether the factory would be able to manufacture customised stainless steel door handles. The decision to collaborate with Danish architects and designers only subsequently turned out to have been a productive one both in aesthetic and financial terms – and continues to give the brand its unique character to this day. Time and again, a coherent design idea emerges that impacts further on the portfolio of Danish designer door handles.

Haptic and ergonomics

Randi is a complex mix of design office, workshop and factory. From brass and stainless steel, the company manufactures products that meet the Scandinavian ideal of minimum material consumption. The brand celebrates the timeless simplicity of beauty and perfection – yet manufactures products that are highly functional and substantial. Every Randi door handle reflects the close relationship between haptic and ergonomics: it has to feel good, must be easy to grip and easy to move. And those who are able fully appreciate this special relationship, this architecture, must be able to do so.

System security

Randi door handles are one element of a major manufacturer‘s security fittings. Randi is part of ECO Schulte, a leading full range supplier of door furniture. The products made in Randers integrate seamlessly into this specialist‘s system, both visually and functionally.

A well-coordinated, complete one- stop solution: from door handles to closers, from hinges to locks.

The Scandinavian Hand

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Randi Fittings world of fittings

The Randi-Line® modularsystem offers "everything at a glance". All components of the Randi Line fittings can be flexibly combined with each other.
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The Randi-Line® Design brochure provides exciting background information on Scandinavian Randi design and the architects behind the products. Finally, it builds a bridge to the ECO Schulte system and introduces the topic of "bespoke design by Randi" (creation of your own handle).
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The Randi catalogue is for all those who want to know even more and provides a basis for ordering. It contains further product information as well as useful knowledge about materials, assembly and accessories.

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