ECO SGL CLICK – Assembly Film


■ New packaging for easy removal
■ Packed as handle sets
■ DIN left / DIN right useable
■ Return spring, system A
■ All current handle shapes available
■ Maintenance-free bearing
■ Fixable bearing
■ 45° operating angle
■ ECO CLICK quick installation
■ EN 1906 utilization class 3 certified
■ Preassembled, fixed positioning studs
■ Stable M5 screwing
■ High fixed pin connection through grooved  square spindle
■ Standard door thickness 38 - 45 mm (Additional pin lengths on request)
■ Also available in aluminum
■ 55 mm rose diameter (Suitable for object and fire protection handles)

You can find videos for panic functions here.

The videos explain the different ECO panic functions E, D, B and C in a simple and vivid way.

Here you get to the videos.