Safety through system technology

From fittings to door closers and locks to hinges and locking technology - ECO Schulte offers a complete programme of door function systems and is only one of a very few companies that have virtually all of the technological solutions at their fingertips which make doors useful and practicable. The compliance of international norms is a minimal requirement for us, because it promises conformity and quality of all products from ECO Schulte.

But the central point is safety because the door system technology has to make sure that only the legitimate persons come in, but all people can come out in case of a dangerous situation.

Perfectly balanced

To guarantee this, all components of the door system have to work perfectly together, because the total is more than the sum of its parts.

According to this, the door is a complex entity of safety: Body, life and values are protected. All of these are high goods, which deserve the best quality and maximum functional assurance. The technologies all around the door are developed and constantly revised by the close cooperation with experienced door manufacturers and fabricators in trade.