The total is more than the sum of its parts

System technology for the door

This old adage by the great philosopher Aristotle is the foundation of the ECO Schulte philosophy. Furniture, door closers, locks and rebound straps are important individual components that equip doors with functionality.

But only as a whole, as a tuned system, they will show their true classiness, ensuring safe functionality even under extreme conditions.

This is the standard to which we have dedicated decades of research, development and production. For us, this means:

We offer faultlessly tuned function elements and produce a high degree of safety due to perfectly matched individual components. Besides this, we consider European standards as a basis of every product development.

ECO Schulte stands for



We provide the perfect solution for all kind of doors and architecture requirements.

Safety & Comfort

Safety & Comfort

We are the specialists for security and fire protection. Our access- and closing systems enable the high level of mobility and unlimited free moving space.



We profit from our full know-how and our long-time experience in the development and production of door function systems.

Problem solver

Problem solver

We know the standards inside out, have long-time experience with the furnishings of any door type and can show you the optimal product for any requirement.



With high speed and convincing quality, we realize new product ideas every day, which correspond to the customers' and market's needs.

Aesthetic design

Aesthetic design

Our products impress because of a high design quality and have received many awards already (i.e. RedDot Design award, iFaward, German Design award).

The 4 pillars of ECO Schulte


Open for new markets and opportunities

ECO Schulte shows its presence all over the world. By sticking to a consistent expansion course, ECO Schulte has established a production and distribution network in Europe and Asia over the years. With German quality consciousness and a product range that complies with international standards, we are always close to our customers and markets with our products.

"Our products have a very good reputation internationally. Our well-devised concept is appreciated in many markets all across the planet."

Tobias Schulte
Managing director distribution export & China


Present with perspectives

The more than 80 years of company history have always been marked by two priorities: to shape the present professionally and work actively on the future. Accordingly, the current structures are the logical result of a continuous process which observes the differences between market and customer orientation. When the Schulte siblings joined ECO Schulte GmbH & Co. KG, the company management was also secured for decades to come.

"Reliability and security are not only requirements that we have about our own products but also promises that we make to our employees and our customers all over the world."

Heinz Schulte
Managing director sales & marketing


Responsibility for the next generation

ECO Schulte also collects sustainable bonus points where responsibility for the environment is concerned. Each and every employee of the ECO Schulte group is encouraged to take a critical look at every work process in regard to its effects on the environment and get involved in the optimization process. ECO Schulte has committed itself to developing every product in line with ecological principles. This applies to our product packaging and production processes in equal measure.

"Present and future belong to intelligent, economical and environmentally friendly production methods. This means committed people whose willingness to make compromises on quality and environmental conservation is nonexistent."

Schulte family


Impulses for safety

ECO Schulte stands for permanent development and innovative milestones. Innovative power is decisive for securing the livelihood of German businesses. We know all about this priority and take it into account in everything we do. That is why systematic research and development work is indispensable for us, whether through our own workforce or cooperation with external specialists and designers. Amidst all this, however, we never lose sight of the fundamental principle of development: the protection of human life.

"The protection of human life and the requirement to getting people out of buidlings safely in dangerous situations form the cornerstone for every product development."

Ernst Schulte
Company founder